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Streetwear: A Significant Force on Fashion - JON BLANCO

Streetwear: A Significant Force on Fashion

Whether you like it or not, you cannot argue with this fact: Streetwear has greatly influenced the fashion industry. It has fundamentally changed what fashion is and who it is for. It has and continues to influence culture. Although I do not consider JON BLANCO to be a streetwear brand necessarily, I have been influenced heavily by streetwear brands - especially those that believe in democratizing fashion and building a movement (like CHNGE - I believe that fashion can be a force for good in the world. It can be used to push messages and make a difference.

Here is a little bit on its influence on fashion:

For several years now, streetwear has been a major driving force in the fashion business, and its impact is only growing. Beginning in the subcultures of skateboarding and Hip-Hop, streetwear has now made its way into the mainstream, where it has had a significant effect on both what we wear and how we think about fashion.

Erasing the Divide

One of the most notable aspects of streetwear is its ability to erase the distinctions between high fashion and streetwear. Supreme, Off-White, and Kith (among others!) have become household names, and their collaborations with luxury companies like Louis Vuitton and sporting giants like Nike have contributed to the mainstreaming of streetwear. As a consequence, a new generation of customers is interested not only in high-end designer apparel but also in more accessible and inexpensive streetwear companies.

On Production

A major factor influencing modern clothing manufacturing and retail is the popularity of streetwear. There is now a culture of excitement and exclusivity around streetwear labels because of their frequent production of limited-edition collections and drops. Consumers' willingness to wait in line for hours—or even days—to get a limited-edition piece of streetwear has sparked a newfound interest in and enthusiasm for the fashion industry. 


The importance placed on one's own unique style and personality is another defining feature of streetwear. Streetwear is all about expressing one's individuality. The result has been a move away from the historic fashion industry arrangement in which customers were instructed what to wear and how to wear it, toward one that is more open and democratic, allowing people more freedom to express themselves via the clothes they choose to wear. 

Public Relations

The influence of streetwear may also be seen in the way that apparel is advertised and presented at retail establishments. Social media, influencer marketing, and cross-brand collaborations are among the most effective techniques employed by prominent streetwear companies to expand their reach and build devoted fan bases. This focus on integration with their respective communities and being more inclusive has resulted in a much more intimate brand-customer relationship.


Streetwear is more than just clothes, it is a way of thinking and living.

It is a cultural movement that has changed the way we think about fashion and has opened the door for new possibilities.

What do you think?

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